Tuesday, 5 January 2010

“(g)local impact”/International Training Course/Poland, Gdańsk, June 2010

we are Anna and Salvi, together we would like to invite you to the international training course '(g)local impact'. The training course is organized by Morena Association www.morena.org.pl. Project coordinator is Anna Krzeszowska (ak@morena.org.pl, 0048-58-3444-111).
All interested please, contact her!

Based on our long international experience we were always facing the issue of the 'local impact' of international projects. Thinking about 'gathering locals with all the foreigners' coming to the project, which are the values/added values, the contribute of an international project to the local communities?
During the seminar we want to focus on:
- how to make a proper needs analysis;
- how to measure the so called local impact;
- how to make sustainable local and international projects;
- reasons to start a project from local level/needs and reasons to start from the international level/priorities.

Target group:
- youth leaders,
- youth workers,
- coordinators of international projects,
- all the people who want to explore the idea of the '(g)local impact ITC :)

- ITC will take place in Poland, Gdansk in June 2010,
- participants cover 30% of their travel costs and pay a 25€ contribution fee.