Saturday, 1 August 2009

The host - who is Bob?

Bob is an NGO, founded on SEP 13th 2007. We are primarily aiming at young people with less opportunities aged from 13 to 30. Our basic aim is ensuring their active participation in society and in social development, especially for those they do not have a public voice or their voice can not be (or is not) heard.
One of the very important aims of Bob is offering international activities for youth in our area. From our past experience it was an opportunity for them to see their situation from a different point of view and helped them finding new solutions for their issues. And not only for them – the experience was very similar for the youth workers! That is why working on Youth in Action programs is our strong interest and desire.
As we are 'new kids on the block' as an organization we are very interested in making contacts with potential partners and generating ideas for future projects – Mission ACTivate Network can be a great opportunity for starting good quality international projects!!!

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