Saturday, 1 August 2009

What is Mission ACTivate Network (MAN)?

MAN is a feasibility meeting initiated by a group of youth leaders that were attending a training course on youth participation in the summer 2008 in Athens. Organisation representatives have decided to jointly create a project to initiate a more active involvement of young people in society. In the following year a network spread a bit so we now have partners from Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Turkey and United Kingdom.


However, during the training courses it was almost impossible to find time for more thorough discussions on project ideas. The participants in the Mission ACTivate course agreed that we wish to try bringing them to reality anyways. We decied to organize a feasibility meeting as a chance to discuss and possibly prepare a project we can later pursue in our local communities and as partners in transnational activities.
The meeting is hosted by an NGO, called Zavod Bob, and will take place in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The main working methods will be workshops where participants will present and also try some ideas. We plan to already implement some ACTivations in the city of Ljubljana during the meeting.

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