Saturday, 5 September 2009

European Youth Press

The European Youth Press is an umbrella association of young journalists in Europe. It involves more than 48,000 journalists who are less than 30 years of age. The association consists of twenty member organizations, of which eighteen are national youth media associations. For everyday work EYP elects a board, that serves two years, which works together closely with the associations’ European secretariat.

The European Youth Press is a young association, not only because it was founded in 2004, but because the participants are young themselves. Journalists who are organized in the European Youth Press are working for either school magazines, internet projects, radio and video productions, or are interns in editor-rooms, freelance journalists, journalism students or trainees.

The European Youth Press’ primary objective is to ensure strong cooperation among national youth media structures through group projects. Moreover, the Press’ overall aim is to strengthen the role of youth media and promote freedom of press in Europe. The European Youth Press also takes part in discussions about journalistic education standards and media policies throughout the European Union. The EYP sees itself as serving the national structures through the development and coordination of projects that are organized by young media makers in Europe. The EYP also provides contact forums and educational seminars for multipliers of the member associations and provides internal and external communication among all partners.

Young people write for young people – and give topics a youth perspective; a perspective which is sometimes overlooked when examining European issues. At the European Youth Press, we want to contribute to the intercultural exchange in Europe by facilitating direct contacts between young journalists through international projects and events.

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