Monday, 7 September 2009

L'ARCOBALENO, the Rainbow Crossing from Italy

L’Arcobaleno is a social service cooperative which works with young people and adults since 1984.

The main sector and organization background is health education. Since 1987 Arcobaleno has been running a community for people with addiction problems (drug, alcohol), who are hosted to be followed by a team of experts to get over their addiction. The community has been hosted more than 400 people coming from the region.

The second sector, called “Route_ag”, deals with education&training for adults and youth, and youth policies. The main objective is the active involvement of people in non formal education paths. Route_ag promotes: the management and coordination of counselling centres; juvenile aggregation centres; meetings; trainings and workshops.

The main activities are:
- promotion of youth policies and cultures,
- social inclusion,
- street education,
- health education,
- expression through art,
- media and communication,
- intercultural learning,
- experiential learning,
- international mobility.

Target Groups:
- Young people from 15 to 30,
- Adults: parents, teachers, social workers, services workers.

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